From table to soil

In the focus group From Table to Soil, we focus on the question of how we get food waste from apartment buildings to farmland, but also how we can refine the food waste into a product that increases the agricultural value of the land.

We have identified four areas of work to resolve this:

  1. To influence behaviour – teaching the user to minimise waste
  2. To improve the collection system – with as few moves as possible
  3. To process the product – so that it becomes useful
  4. To improve farmland value – in the right way

Current activities:

We are cooperating with a network that focuses on influencing behaviour, in order to minimise waste. The network is in the process of writing a big Horizon application for assistance to advance in this field.

We are taking part in funding and implementing the innovation competition, Blackwater & Food Waste Challenge in the H+ area. The competition is being used as a method of finding new technologies for integrating food waste and waste water in the process of extracting biogas and bio-fertiliser.

We are investigating the possibilities of using municipal activities as a test bed for trying out new technologies.