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Recycling hub in Lund investigated

22 November 2018
About 20 percent of the wood, metal and hard plastic sent to recycling centers can be reused and sold without repairs. However, repairing products to sell does not pay off....

Can you make a certified plant nutrient product out of domestic waste?

21 November 2018
In the H + area of Helsingborg, plans are being made to implement a three-pipe system for wastewater in the properties. This would allow for the separation of lavatory water,...

Cooperation in Urban Baths provides better bathing water

4 October 2018
Malmö city is working with water utility VA Syd to investigate why water certain public bathing areas sometimes becomes unsanitary. The beaches in the Western Harbor are very urban, which...

Preliminary study proposes 15 per cent target solar energy in Malmö

26 June 2018
The City of Malmö aims to generate 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. The study The potential and obstacles for more urban solar energy in Malmö City’s...

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