EU application granted

The Urban Magma partners are now embarking on the project Hållbara städer – innovationsmiljö för miljöteknik och kunddrivna processer (Sustainable Cities – innovation environment for environmental technology and customer-driven processes). The City of Helsingborg, Kristianstad Municipality, the Municipality of Lund and the City of Malmö, together with supply companies (waste management companies, energy and water and sewage companies), Teknopol and Sustainable Business Hub will be involved in the work of developing environments for innovation and growth. This includes the development and testing of different forms of test beds for environmental technologies. Various forms of innovations and their procurement will also be tested.
“This will be one piece of the puzzle in our efforts to make southern Sweden a leading international location for the development of products and services for urban technical supply systems”, says Per Simonsson, Sustainable Business Hub’s CEO.
There is a strong drive from the region’s four largest municipalities to utilise their urban development projects to create environments where innovations can both be tested and implemented. The City of Malmö will put their efforts into the development of industrial symbiosis in Norra Hamnen. Helsingborg City is moving forward with new waste management solutions for multi-family housing in the H+ area. Kristianstad Municipality will put more work into the urban development area of Vilans strandängar. The Municipality of Lund and Malmö City will both be working with ecosystem services.
The project’s partners are also partners in Urban Magma, an organisation seeking a ten-year financing agreement with Vinnova. An initial application was submitted in early summer, and notification of being able to go ahead with a complete application is expected in September.