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Meeting Point Urban Magma is being arranged for the third time, and we invite you to take part in the annual conference high-lighting cities’ challenges within energy, water and waste.

At the conference municipalities, academia, industry, entrepreneurs and politicians meet. We will take you through the big challenges, provide opportunities to discuss solutions, equip you with new tools, maybe new ways of thinking and hopefully inspire you! You will also get a chance to be involved in workshops and fieldtrips.

Meeting Point Urban Magma is organized by Urban Magma, Sustainable Business Hub, Helsingborgs stad the cleantech company Malmberg.


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Meeting Point

Presentations & Videos from 2016

Workshop Results Day 2 – Workshop Results

Testbeds presentations Day 2 
Urban Magma testbed VA Syd 

Urban Magma Testbed Solar Energy Solutions 

Urban Magma Testbed Hyllie Jan Rosenlöf


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Questions about the conference?
Please contact: Kristin Magnusson, +46(0) 72 974 77 94