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Meetingpoint Urbanmagma


March 8–9




At Meeting Point Urban Magma, we predict an eruption of innovative raw energy.

Welcome to the first annual conference of Meeting Point Urban Magma! Here, you will be part of forming a strategy to create a centre of excellence for sustainable cities. Fusing our expertise and experience in business, academia, and municipalities, we can light the fire that pushes development forward.

During the conference, we will focus on how a successful international business cluster can develop within cleantech for sustainable cities. Such progress helps grow regional companies and attracts national and international businesses to the cluster. Another conference focus is the important role industrial symbiosis—in harbours, industrial parks, and surrounding regions—can have in advancing sustainable cities and business clusters.

Through regional site visits, you will learn firsthand about the accomplishments and goals of Urban Magma and E-harbours. You will hear about ongoing processes that aim to innovate utility systems and industrial symbiosis. You will challenge our viewpoints, give us a thumbs-up, lead us down new paths, and join us in pinpointing crucial questions that sharpen our sustainability work and enable Skåne and other regions to deliver at peak ability.

The conference is arranged by Urban Magma, the City of Malmö, E-harbours, Union of the Baltic Cities, and Sustainable Business Hub. At the end of day one, the City of Malmö invites all attendees to dinner at the Town Hall.

Video and documentation

Thank you for participating in Meeting Point Urban Magma 2015. Hope to see you in Kristianstad next year. Please watch the talks and/or download the presentations from our key note speakers and breakout sessions. We would also like to share with you the documentation from the workshops.


Key note speakers and breakout sessions 1 and 4
Breakout sessions 2 and 3
Workshop documentation






Welcome – Milan Obradoviç, Deputy Mayor of Infrastructure and Environment.


Urban Magma – propelling the region into a centre of excellence for Sustainable Cities
Per Simonsson, Managing Director, Sustainable Business Hub, Liisa Fransson, R&D Manager, Kraftringen


Keynote – Sustainable Cities – innovation and sustainable growth, the Swedish perspective
Charlotte Brogren, Director General, VINNOVA


Keynote – Circular Reference – How the chain of companies, research instituties, and (port) authorities can kickstart the circular economy
Titus Tielens, Manager Strategy & Business Development, Port of Amsterdam




Keynote – Key factors for Cleantech business growth
Johan Möllerström, Managing Director, Malmberg Water AB


Panel discussion
Success factors for innovation, growth and sustainability




Keynote – The Utility as a driver for innovation
Sylvia Michel, CEO, Kraftringen


Keynote – Sustainable development through innovation in the Baltic Sea Region
Björn Grönholm, Head of Secretariat, Union of the Baltic Cities


Practical information


Session 1

Dynamic clusters – formula for high competetiveness
Bengt Malmberg, Business Development, Sustainable Business Hub (Moderator)

Urban Magma from a theoretical lense
Caroline Wigren, Lund University

Cluster development – steps for success
Lars Moberger, Project Manager, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden & Lars Gunnarsson, PhD, Tunberg AB

Sustainable Urban Development network, the benefits of a triple helix cluster
Karin Fagerberg, Chairman of the board, Sustainable Business Hub Scandinavia AB

Regional clusters for increased global business
Anna Blomborg, Manager Applications Development, Alfa Laval

Region Skåne – our need – a driver of innovation
Lennart R Svensson, Head of division Innovation and Cluster Development, Region Skåne

LTH – the academic view in triple helix cluster engagement
Annika Olsson, Assistant Dean for Collaboration and Innovation, Faculty of Engineering, LTH

Session 2

Industrial symbiosis – reuse resources, raise values and save the environment
Mats Eklund, Professor, Linköpings Universitet (Moderator)

Industrial Symbiosis – Forms, potentials and ways forward
Murat Mirata, Assistant Professor, Linköpings Universitet

Role and opportunities for system operators with industrial symbiosis – experiences from E.ON
Mattias Örtenvik, Head of Sustainable Cities, E.ON

Research Infrastructure – an Anchor for Industrial Symbiosis
Thomas Parker, Head of Energy Division, European Spallation Source

Experiences from large-scale industrial symbiosis in Helsingborg
Emma Gunnarsson, Energy Strategist, Kemira/Industry Park of Sweden

Symbiosis in Sotenäs
Andreas Sülau, Business Developer, Municipality of Sotenäs




Session 1

Future challenges and development of district heating
Kamil Zajaczkowski, Project Manager, Sustainable Business Hub

Underground pipes – management and technology to save billions
Maria Rindelöv, Project Assistant, Sydvatten & Liisa Fransson, R&D Manager, Kraftringen

Session 2

Producing fertilizers and energy in the home
Christina ZoricPersson, Strategic planner, City of Helsingborg

How to use Ecosystem Services to handle surface water run-off
Annika Kruuse, PhD/Project leader, Department of environment, City of Malmö & Johan Slagstedt, Entrepreneur, Markkompaniet


End of day


Dinner at Malmö City Hall



Study visits to sites at the forefront in implementing solutions of tomorrow

MaxLab IV In the new district Brunnshög in Lund the MAX IV Laboratory (the world’s largest facility for synchrotron radiation research) and Kraftringen (a municipality-owned energy group) have developed a unique, sustainable solution for energy management. Kraftringen will deliver cooling and heating of the facility and recover the waste heat that is generated and use it as district heating for residential houses in the municipality – a sustainable way to make use of waste heat. During this visit you will see the Max IV laboratory site, and learn more about the cooperation between the Max IV Laboratory and Kraftringen.
Sysav South Scania Waste Company, receives, recycles and treats waste from households and industries in southern Skåne. Sysav’s concept applies an eco-cycle perspective, and is based on overall solutions and high expertise to combine various treatment methods for dealing with each type of waste in the most sustainable way according to its properties. Take the chance to visit their facilities in the harbor of Malmö.
VA SYD deliver high quality drinking water cleans waste water and collects waste in the Malmö area. Take the opportunity to visit one of Sweden’s largest waste water plants, Sjölunda plant, which receives waste water from around 300.000 households. Learn more about their process, technology and how they work to improve environmental parameters as far as possible.
Kretseum the brand new sustainability and knowledge center in Hyllie. It guides you through the expo about ”the Sustainable City” – theme water, waste and energy. The main target group is school children from the age of 12 years and older. Learn from the expo’s method of inspiring a young audience to make sustainable choices..
Hållbarheten is a custom designed house in the Western Harbour in Malmoe. It is a convenient and charming house, with pool, sauna, and private gardens. The residents produce their own energy, control their energy consumption, and evaluate which energy solutions that are most effective, without giving up comfort. This house gives the residents a chance to contribute to the creation of future homes, by testing smarter ways of using energy. Hållbarheten was one of the case studies in the project E-harbours.
The Augustenborg EcoCity visit introduces the key concepts and success factors in the residential area’s ecological and social development since 1998. The tour starts at the roofs of Augustenborg Botanical Roof Garden where we discuss green roofs in relation to climate adaptation, biodiversity, energy and material efficiency, and recreation. The tour continues with a walk in the EcoCity along the canals and ponds of the sustainable urban drainage system which withstood the 100 year rain event the 31st of August 2014.
Skanska is one of Swedens larger construction companies and have a high degree of ambition regarding all aspects of ”thinking green” in their projects. During this visit you will be informed about strategies and initiatives to be used to implement new technologies, you will also obtain an understanding of the benefits of having environmental certificates. Skanska will also explain to us their activities regarding energy conservation such as co-ordinating with other buildings, smart grids and energy efficient cooling.
Roth Fastigheter has built the energy efficient apartment building in Hyllie which was completed late in 2013. Several installations have been made to make it environmentally sustainable for many years. Among them solar thermal heating, floor heating, viewing and controlling energy usage and costs in each apartment and connection to smart net run by E ON.


Recap from day 1 and study visits of the day


10 workshops on identified key issues for cluster innovation and industrial symbiosis

1. How can public procurement boost innovation and growth?

2. How do we develop testbeds in the Baltic Sea Region?

3. The new weather is here!

4. Industrial symbiosis: developing a national program to facilitate industrial symbiosis in Swedish municipalities.

5. What can you get from a business accelerator?

6. What are the needs today and in the future for cluster, project and individual funding?

7. Digestate – how can we develop the product and enhance the market?

8. Innovations in urban mobility through co-creative and integrated planning approach.

9. Nutrient neutral municipalities – ideas for circular economy and Baltic Sea protection.

10. ”It’s the cooperation, stupid”




Continuing workshops




Presenting workshop results


Panel discussion
Next step in creating a centre of excellence


Summary and handing over to hosting city of Meeting Point Urban Magma 2016


End of conference


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