Application to Vinnova submitted

Over the past two years we have been working to build a partnership that aims to make the region of southern Sweden into a leading international location for the development of products and services for urban technical supply systems: energy, water, sewage and waste. An initial application was recently submitted to the VINNOVA Vinnväxt programme for assistance to continue this work. VINNOVA will select a maximum of ten initiatives, the submitters of which will be given the opportunity of entering a complete application and the chance of receiving a ten-year financing agreement.

The application has been developed together with the organisations represented on the board and on the process management team for Urban Magma. They are: Alfa Laval, Tyrens, Malmbergs, Region Skåne, Kraftringen, Helsingborg City, NSR, Lund Municipality, Malmö City, the Municipality of Kristianstad, Lund University, SLU/Alnarp and SP.