Urban ecosystem services

The focus group, Urban Ecosystem Services is in an initial phase where we are identifying urban needs in the area of ecosystem services, with the aim of creating projects in this field. By participating in the Action Group, we want to influence the possibilities for EU calls for urban ecosystem services.

Green areas and waterways – the urban ecosystem services – provide much value and many functions that are necessary for us to be able to live and thrive in our cities. It is about tangible services such as storm water management, noise protection, thermal conditioning, air purification and the beneficial effects that green areas have on people’s health and wellbeing.

Future environmental solutions for sustainable urban supply systems include a combination of technical solutions and urban ecosystem services. We need to develop methods to identify the needs of cities. We also need to map out how ecosystem services can contribute to the solutions and develop the innovation potential in these solutions.

Current activities:

We have undertaken an inventory and analysis of the cities’ needs, matching these with companies and universities to identify innovative potential for future projects.

We are also working to develop a national impact platform for urban ecosystem services. Its purpose is to influence the possibilities of urban ecosystem services being prioritised in the future programmes of Horizon 2020.

  • Annika Kruuse
    PhD / Environmental Strategist, Malmö City, Miljöförvaltningen
    | +46 (0)70-946 72 98