Industrial symbiosis

In the focus group Industrial Symbiosis, we are working to create a model for industrial symbiosis. We want to build an environment in which one company’s residual resource becomes another company’s raw material. This requires that companies begin to act together to create optimised flows.
If such flows are created between various business activities, it contributes to energy efficiency as well as to a reduction in resource use. We are using Malmö’s harbour side as a pilot area.

A port often has a broad range of businesses mixed with essential infrastructure in the form of arriving ships, supplies to be transported to the customer and large manufacturing plants. This involves vast flows of materials, energy and waste.

Malmö’s harbour area is an energy node, with several large energy production plants. Working together with the businesses in the area, there are good opportunities for industrial symbiosis between companies with a focus on bio-energy.

Current Activities:

We have started the work of identifying business activities, resource needs and flows in the area. We are also reviewing Malmö Municipality’s own strategies, policies and procedures related to the development of the harbour area, with the aim of strengthening the opportunities for symbiosis.

Preparatory work is under way in the projects “EPIC 2020″ (Intelligent Energy Europe) and ” Delad energi är dubbel energi (Shared energy is double energy)” (Vinnova).

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